Saturday, February 10, 2007

My 33 Things

Note: this post was inspired by Brian's 33 things.

Anyway...on the occasion of my 33rd birthday, I offer 33 things that bring joy and feelings of being more blessed by God than I could ever deserve -- they're not necessarily in any particular order as I kept editing and condensing!

1. Jennifer

2. My boys!

3. mom & dad, Adam & Andrea, Shana & Josh (& of course nieces & nephews)

4. Working on my house/Cory's house/any building project w/ "the guys"

5. Chinese Food

6. all people I "do life" with on Tuesday nights and the children we keep having (#10 in August!)

7. Finding someone to play tennis with that we're well-matched

8. my gym membership

9. all the laughter in my life

10. my ipod

11. Jubilee State Park

12. that I'm healthy

13. good coffee on cold mornings

14. my church -- particularly the people I work with.

15. "guy day" 2006 -- Sept. 15 (DMB & the Cubs in one day)

16. cooking with Hite

17. planting stuff in the yard

18. New Year's Eve Party

19. Pool Volleyball

20. the smell and look of my yard, just after it's mowed!

21. mountain biking

22. golfing

23. hazelnut lattes

24. Catalyst 2006 -- couldn't have gone with a better group of guys!

25. A2 Conference -- best church conference I've ever been to!

26. swimming with the boys

27. late-night movies

28. Civilization IV

29. reading

30. my blog readers

31. dark chocolate

32. wrestling

33. driving to work watching the sunrise


JGanschow said...

i love being reminded of blessing in my own life by things like this. thanks, charlie!

beth b said...

hope you had a great birthday Charlie! enjoy your dinner tomorrow with the family.

Anonymous said...

What kind of wrestling

ckd said...

I'm confused about the confusion...

Maybe I should have made it clear, "wrestling with my kids."