Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Catalyst 2006 Wrap-Up

Okay, here's a couple of things to wrap-up my posts from Catalyst. For extensive notes, from the greatest conference note-taker that I have the privelege of knowing, follow these links:

We had to leave a little early because I had to get back and we didn't want to get stuck in Atlanta traffic, so we missed Donald Miller -- I'll be getting the CD's or DVD's at some point. I can loan them out, if you're interested in hearing some of the sessions.

Other Highlights:

  • the other guys that I went with are AWESOME! We had so much fun.
  • Chik-fil-A
  • The best dodgeball fight I've EVER seen (it left me in tears, I was laughing so hard -- I've tried to write about it, but it doesn't begin to do justice...hopefully I'll get pictures at some point)
  • Incredible worship -- I'm a fan of Steve Fee and Kristian Stanfill.
  • "What's said in the van, stays in the van."
  • I got to play DJ for about 2 hrs on the way home..."Charlie's eclectic music mix"
  • Deer Hunter 3
  • Arby's five for $5.95
  • The Office -- I think during the trip there and back, we watched about 12 episodes!
  • I seriously laughed more last week, than I have laughed in a long time
  • At the same time, we had some pretty intense discussions...

I plan on going to this next year...it was a great conference!


Anonymous said...

"You're in the Mix with DJ Charlie, playing everything from LesMiserables to ACDC to Hillsong."

hug it out...

Tim said...

aw. charlie... its a privilege to know me? well, it's an HONOR to know you!