Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Rattling Around

Okay, here's my A2 wrap-up. Before I hit some of the highlights for me...I'll say this (and I don't say it lightly) -- this is one of the best conferences I've ever been to. It's definitely not for everyone, but if you're a somewhat cerebral kind of person who likes to think deeply about church strategy and mission and you aren't afraid to wrestle with ideas that you might not agree with, then this conference is for you. Also, if you were intimidated by my super-long posts -- this is the quick version... Okay...so here's the stuff rattling around in my head almost a week later...
  • I became a fan of Craig Groeschel -- his humility and passion for introducing people to Jesus was refreshing -- I was challenged to ask myself -- "Am I doing everything within my power to lift Jesus' name high?"
  • Frustration: it seems like one of the things I often hear in conferences like this is that the senior leader of the church really sets the tone -- sitting in my seat....way down the org. chart -- I can get frustrated at my lack of impact. Of course, I know that I need to be faithful and lead whatever I am currently leading...but it's just a tension in me.
  • Willow Creek still astounds me and here's two of the big reasons: They aren't afraid to have hard conversations, and to work through circumstances. This really came up in the conversation about the role definition between Gene Appel and Bill Hybels. (By the way...Gene Appel's stock rose about 100% in my eyes at this conference.) The other thing that I really admire about Willow is that they have an honest, real understanding of their church, and their culture. They don't seem to be blinded by their success and they don't just assume they know all that there is to know about reaching seekers...they're still hungry!
  • Presence: Bill talking about what was attractive about Gene Appel, and he talked about how Gene didn't want to travel. There are times where I think that I'd like to travel and speak, etc., but I was challenged that you can't do ministry if you aren't present.
  • John Burke -- he started out doing "postmodern" ministry -- wrestling with truth claims, relativism and such...but found that the biggest problem most people have is their own brokenness. This is huge! I forget this sometimes and assume that people's biggest struggle is intellectual.

There was other great stuff...but this is what I'm still thinking about!

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Anonymous said...

thanks for all the wonderful comments and notes from your willow conference. i'd love to go to the conference but it's harder now with family. i felt I was able to catch a glimpse of some important conversations. thanks again!

Timothy Su