Friday, February 09, 2007

Office Quote

Jim: "What are you doing?" Dwight: "I don't mouth tastes really bad all of the sudden ."


viclyn said...

"Just stop. I've listened to you for over half and hour and most of it went right over my head." Michael to Uncle Al

Anonymous said...

From Hite:

"There's too many people on this Earth. We need a new Plague..."

beth b said...

i have to say the classical conditioning set with Jim and Dwight in the beginning was awesome. it made me want to do something like that here at work. hmmm....i'll have to think about that.

Summer said...

"I'm sure that Bob.... wow... that is pungent... I've lost my train of thought."- Michael

Hite said...

"This is Bull****."

"Oh! Decided to sit down now... I bet you can hear me, too."


Anonymous said...

Kelly: "If I were you, I'd freak out and get drunk and tell someone I was pregnant"

Pam: "Oh. Those are some good ideas. Thanks."