Thursday, December 29, 2005

My Best Reads of '05

Okay, here's my list -- all genres included -- of my favorite reads in '2005. It looks like I'll finish the year having read 48 books, counting all seven Chronicles of Narnia as one book. (My goal every year is 52). Of the books I've read, here's how it breaks down by catagory:
17 Fiction books (again, treating The Chronicles of Narnia as one book)
9 Non-fiction
7 Christian Living
4 Theology
4 Church (strategy, small groups, etc.)
3 History
4 Leadership
So here's the list in no particular order (except those with a star are "must reads") -- feel free to comment, complain or otherwise remark -- or even better -- post a comment and leave a link to your "best books of '05" (I've provided links to posts of mine about these books.)
The Anatomy of Buzz -- Emanuel Rosen
The Search to Belong (Rethinking Intimacy, Community and Small Groups) -- Joseph Myers
*A Prayer for Owen Meany -- John Irving
One book that just missed the cut: Unstuck -- Keith Yamashita & Sadra Spataro.

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