Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Quote from Flashbang

I'm "working" two days this week (ran out of vacation time). Hardly anyone is here, and so I've planned to get some reading done -- books finished so I can put them on my "Books read in 2005" list (yes, it's a sign of deep sickness that I keep such a list!). Anyway, I'm finishing up Flashbang (it's definately a "must read."). He's talking about actors here, but he could just as easily be talking about pastors: "We are told not to need the acceptance of others, but we cannot gain or keep jobs without winning this acceptance. We are told applause is unhealthy while knowing full well that the lack of it is even more unhealthy because bills will not be paid. To the outside world, an actor being consumed with how he or she is presented may seem like pride while it is truly desperate survival. When successful, this usually becomes pride, and the vicious cycle continues." Wow, this really gets at the heart of an almost daily struggle in my soul!


jdb said...

also reading this book ... several chapters behind you.

Your quote from the book made me think of an experience I had this summer. After a worship service, my friends came up and unintentionally convicted me.

They said I was an "amazing piano player".

I, in an effort to appear humble and Christlike, said "nah ...".

They were slightly offended. How could I deny that God has given me this gift. How could I play it off as anything other than a divine blessing?

My pseudo-Christlike attitude responded with "nah". That isn't humility. It begs for assurance ... "yes, you are."

So they chewed me out, and I learned that the correct response to "you're an amazing piano player" is ... "Praise God"

Not quite the "fight for survival" that Steele is wrestling with in the book, but it reminded me of my own struggles with applause and pride.

ckd said...

I'm definately with you here -- I've always struggled with the whole "great sermon, pastor" thing.

In recent years I've just defaulted to a simple "thank you," or a "praise God."