Thursday, August 04, 2005

Velvet Elvis

I know, it's an incredibly boring book cover, but then again, there's that thing about never judging book... Many great quotes in this's one that I adore: "My wife and I threw a party last summer and we called it 'An Epic Celebration of All That is Good.' We had a band playing in the backyard and food everywhere, a DJ set up in the living room, al the furniture was pushed against the walls, and there were cars up and down the street -- and it was just the best. And what was the occassion for the party? I was hoping you'd ask. There wasn't one. That's the best reason you can have. Relax. Slow down. Quit having a purpose for everything. Eat more slowly and enjoy it more. Ask people how they are doing -- and mean it. Take more walks. You will get more done anyway." [Rob Bell, Velvet Elvis, Zondervan copyright 2005]

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