Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Another Thought on the "Emergent" Thing

I started reading a book last night that was recommended to me by our senior pastor. Here's a quotation that I really connected with because I felt like it really connected to how I've been feeling for a while now: "A year ago I attended a conference about ministry in a postmodern context. I found myself terribly discouraged and bothered -- and tired of modern-church deconstruction! For the past six years, I've read numerous books, attended conferences, and surfed the blogs about the emerging trends of new generations and their new ways of thinking. We have deconstructed everything, identified all the problems with the current church, and proclaimed what we knew would not work. We've read statisticians like Barna, Gallup and Regele warn of the impending doom for our generation and the church in America.

What disturbs me is the absence of a path forward. We don't need more deconstruction more theories, and more statistics; rather, we need tangible evidence that God is still doing what God has always done in every generation, construction his church out of the most hopeless situation. It's not tearing-down time anymore -- it's construction time!"

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