Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Welcome to the Links

I haven't cleaned up the links on the side in a while, so I did it real quick. I've taken off some people that don't post much anymore and added some that do.
  • David & Megan -- former students in my ministry, now friends. (Megan posts more than Dave)
  • Courtney -- courtney is on the Nexus worship team and has the coolest basement ever (pool table, air hocky, foosball, and monster TV!)
  • Justin -- his blog is just of great mix of the insane (he handles crazy insurance claims) and the insightful
  • Randy -- I used to work with Randy, now he's in Michigan.

I don't mean to leave anyone out...it's just that these are the people that seem to post most frequently!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reference Charlie! Also, did you know Megan Crow (formerly Megan Hutchison) is my cousin? Yeah I know...random isn't it!

ckd said...

I didn't know! Were you at the wedding?

I refer to it as, among other things, "the wedding where I spilled hot wax all over my hand."

Anonymous said...

Yes I was there! First wedding I've been to with Coldplay music in the ceremony. Awesome :-)

randy said...

wow! i'm honored! thanks!