Monday, July 17, 2006

Welcome to the 90's, Mr. Banks!

First off...can you guess what movie the title of this post comes from? Anyway...I've complained before about my lack of internet access from the homestead. A variety of logistics and $$ issues took us from the comfort of cable internet when we lived in Pekin to the land of dial-up (which, just on the principle, we refused to pay for!). But tonight, the Dean's are back baby! We are now on wireless internet through a local company called Trivalent Communications. So far, it's awesome. As the tech/owner was setting up the antennae tonight, we were getting download speeds that were faster than a T1. ROCK ON! So anyway...we're pumped. For those of you that know my wife and want to email her, her new address is She'd love to hear from you. Oh yeah...2 things...the only drawback is a somewhat ugle antennae mounted on the roof of the house (but did I say T1 speeds?) and also, if you find yourself in a rural area and your internet options are limited, and you live in the Peoria-area, talk to me and I'll get you hooked-up with Trivalent!


Tim said...

haha... wow, I'm sad to say that I know... Father of the Bride

Chris said...

welcome back indeed!