Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Welcome to the Links

I haven't cleaned up the links on the side in a while, so I did it real quick. I've taken off some people that don't post much anymore and added some that do.
  • David & Megan -- former students in my ministry, now friends. (Megan posts more than Dave)
  • Courtney -- courtney is on the Nexus worship team and has the coolest basement ever (pool table, air hocky, foosball, and monster TV!)
  • Justin -- his blog is just of great mix of the insane (he handles crazy insurance claims) and the insightful
  • Randy -- I used to work with Randy, now he's in Michigan.

I don't mean to leave anyone out...it's just that these are the people that seem to post most frequently!


Courtney C said...

Thanks for the reference Charlie! Also, did you know Megan Crow (formerly Megan Hutchison) is my cousin? Yeah I know...random isn't it!

ckd said...

I didn't know! Were you at the wedding?

I refer to it as, among other things, "the wedding where I spilled hot wax all over my hand."

Courtney C said...

Yes I was there! First wedding I've been to with Coldplay music in the ceremony. Awesome :-)

randy said...

wow! i'm honored! thanks!