Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Blogging 101

If this is all pretty "no duh" to you, sorry to waste your time...move on. For the rest of you... I currently read about 30 or more blogs, and someone asked me the other day how I have the time to read so many. Well here's the secret. I don't go to people's blog pages. I subscribe. I have a plug-in to Microsoft Outlook that subscribes to people's blogs, so that when you post to your blog, I get an email. It allows me, with a glance, to determine what's new and to quickly read over the blog posts I want to read. (It's all about RSS) At home, I'm doing the same thing, but I've just set up a Bloglines account, where I am subscribing to blogs that I want to monitor. If you find that you're reading more and more blogs, and that it's getting cumbersome, I am installing a couple links in the sidebar, near the bottom...just pick one, sign up for a free account, and your blogging life will be much simpler!

1 comment:

A.J. said...

I check 5 on a regular basis, and I thought I was wack, guess not. Hey, you can always check my blog and make it 31 that you check! I think I only have 3 readers, but they seem to check it really often...they need what you got.