Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What I Won't Give Up

I would say that the last two months have probably been some of the most challenging that I've faced in my 8 years of full-time ministry. It hasn't been that the situations are challenging, but the work-load is tremendous. I feel like some stuff is slipping. In fact, just a little while ago, I got an email from someone, and I'm afraid that I let them down...and I had no intention of doing so...I've just gotten drowned in the 'tyranny of the urgent.' of the things that I've worked hard on the last couple of months, with varying degrees of success is to kind of plant my foot about some things -- that I just won't give up -- even if stuff at the church suffers for it.

  • I won't give up time with my family. I'll come in at 6:00am if I have to...but I'm striving to be home about 4:30. That gives my about two hours or so with my boys before they go to bed.
  • I won't give up time at the gym. I feel 100% better about myself for the hour I try to spend in the gym each day.
  • I won't give up reading -- I have to feed myself, if I'm going to have anything to give. That being said -- this is probably the area that's suffering a little bit right now.


ckd said...
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Beth B said...

good for you for setting boundaries. they are hard to stick by at times, but in the end you are stronger for doing so.
i'm praying for you Charlie!

Megan Crow said...

that's great charlie.
I wish you could've gone to Isn't She Beautiful?, because Rob Bell talked about our natural rhythms, and need to have that time to ourselves and with our families. This is something our church doesn't put an importance on, and everyone is getting burnt out (at least from my observations), because they've been on call 24/7 for 25 years straight with no real vacations.

It is so hard to set boundaries (in any job, but especially in ministry)- David and I strive for it now because we know when we have kids it will be even harder - so we don't want to give so much of ourselves now, then in a couple years when we have kids, people will still expect us to have that time available for work.

Anyway - good for you, you and jen have always been people we look up to, but even more as seeing the parents that you are - it's great to 'take in' little tips and tidbits here and there from your lives, even if you don't know you're doing it, you're already giving me advice for when I am a parent!