Sunday, July 30, 2006

St. Louis

We're in St. Louis, today (Sunday) and tomorrow (Saturday). We're hanging out with my family. 8 adults vs. 7 children (ages 5,4,3,3,2,1,5mo.) Right now I'm sitting in our hotel room trying to get our older boys to sleep, so I can go play some Texas hold 'em with my dad & brothers. Tomorrow, (heat index of 105) we're going to the zoo for the day. It should be a real treat! PS... My sister-in-law has been asking for "video blog shoutouts," so until I do another video post, this will have to suffice... THIS BLOG GOES OUT TO ANDREA & MY NEPHEWS & NIECE. PEACE OUT! YO!


JGanschow said...

um, charlie? not to be critical, but doesn't MONDAY usually come after sunday?

angie said...

I was going to point that out as well but then I revisited the fact that he was with 7 children which I would never wish on anyone. He deserves a mistake.

ckd said...

I'm dum!
thanks for the ready-made excuse Angie!

angie said...

Okay, I'll excuse you for the first time but you really can't be excused for misspelling dumb!

ckd said...

That's was the joke!

I misspelled dumb on purpose, to show that I'm dumb!

Get it?