Sunday, July 30, 2006

Biking: A good/bad day

Good: Finally getting on my bike...I haven't really gotten to ride very much this summer. Bad: We decided to go on at 11:15am, saturday morning...I think it was about 95 degrees Good: We got muddy, really muddy. That's always a sign that it was a good ride. Bad: Chris used my spare bike and the rear brake finally crapped out, and the crank fell off. Bad: I was embarassed by how out-of-shape I was. Hats off to Ganschow...he's a stud! Can't wait to get out some more! Hopefully I'm more disciplined this late summer/fall.

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JGanschow said...

It was great! I went home, washed the bike, washed myself, sat in the pool, then passed out for about an hour. woke up very VERY dizzy.

next time we'll go when it's not 2000F out there.

and chris will have two pedals.