Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mel's DUI

Well, Megan is calling me out, so I throw out a couple of thoughts... First off, I want to make a distinction between a person and the art that they produce. I believe that people who may even hate God, are able to produce worthy pieces of art because they were created in the image of God (whether they acknowledge it or not). Therefore, while I may be a fan of Lethal Weapon, Braveheart, etc., that doesn't mean that I subsequently endorse the actors/writers/directors. In the tradition that I grew up in, we couldn't seperate the two, but I think it's critical, otherwise, the only consistent option is to retreat like the Amish. As to his comments, they're really despicable -- there's no argument, however, I personally would cut him some slack because a. the man was drunk and people say stupid stuff when they're drunk, that they probaby don't really mean b. he apologized. -- it seems in the popular media, apologies are are a "damned if you do, damned if you don't kind deal." If you don't apologize then people assume that you stand by your mistake, but if you do apologize then you're insincere. The Bible tells us that by whatever measure we judge other people we will be judged. Therefore, as I think about my attitude towards Mel Gibson, I'm thinking the following things. Have I ever said things that I regretted the next day? Do I hope that people cut me some slack? Do I hope that people take my apoligies sincerely? [the answer to all three questions is, YES, YES, & YES!] And yet, what if he's done it before and he's apologized before, but he does it again? I think that the "forgiving seventy times seven," might come into play... Nobody said the way of Jesus would be easy. Easy would be to blow people off because they screwed up with us and we don't feel like extending grace. It would be easy to hold everybody else to higher standards than I can ever live up to myself. Easy would be to blow off people who were as perfect as I perceive myself to be. It's always easier to excuse my own bad behavior and at the same time, to heighten everyone else's culpability. So, Mel Gibson, you were wrong, and what you said was unjust, unfair, and disgusting, but I've been wrong like a million times and Jesus forgives, and so in whatever way you've offended me, I forgive you. I hope that other people can forgive you to. sorry for the long post...as I started writing, it just kind of hit a nerve!

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