Thursday, July 13, 2006

Movie Review: Glory Road

I haven't done a movie review in a here's a quickie... Jennifer and I watched Glory Road last night. It's about Texas Western College (now UTEP). In 1966 they were the first college in the country to have 5 black starters on their basketball team. Warning: here comes a spoiler: they won the National title that year, beating an all-white Kentucky team. It's hard to believe that how racist people were only 50 years ago. It's pretty ugly. However, while the idea of the movie was good, there was rather poor acting, cheesy attempts at creating crisis, and in my opinion poor directing/editing. But still worth watching, just to better understand some of the struggles in the civil rights era.

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Anonymous said...

the sad thing is this, it is just as bad today in some parts of the nation that are pretty seperateded a lot off rascisom exist still its sad, people get dirty looks and even more than that some days

peoria has it pretty good, the high schools are pretty well diverse and all of schools are, peoria is blessed in that realm