Monday, November 07, 2005

I Need Some Help

I don't usually do this on my blog, but I need some help...but first a quick question -- do the physical objects in my house & cars speak to one another and intentionally decide to revolt and all break down at the same time? I believe that there may be a conspiracy afoot between my cars, cell phone, car stereo, etc. So here's where I need some help (this is more for the local folks!): Cell phone: I've been with US Cellular for a while...I want out. I've been trying to outlast the contract on both of our phones. Mine is clear, Jennifer isn't free until October '06. My phone doesn't work. I am eligible for a new phone from US Cellular, but that would require signing another 2-year contract. It would cost us $150 to break our contract with US Cellular. Our current bill is about $80. Does anyone local know of a better deal/plan that would justify us paying the $150 to break the plan? Or should I just look around for the cheapest piece of junk phone I can find to make it to Oct. '06? Call me (wait, my phone is not receiving calls). Call Jennifer's phone in the evenings, or call my office phone. Thanks!


Chris said...

I think Murphy has some things to say on this subject. Also, I've recently heard of O'Callahan's Law. I don't remember all the rules, but the first one is, "Murphy was an optimist!" That seems to apply right now.

KyleD said...

I made this decision not too long ago. I was with Nextel, and was paying aproximately $75 for just my service. I had just rolled off of my parents plan and had 1 year in my service contract. To break this deal, it cost me $200. I shopped around and decided to go with Verizon. I got a service with 450 min (way to much for me) for under $45/month. You also have to take into account that Verizon to Verizon phone calls are free...good deal.

Anyways, if you look at the cost of new service for the whole year and add the service charge to that total, then compare that to your current plan (plus the cost of purchasing a new phone for you). In my case, my new plan costs $540 for the year with an additional $200 charge for service contract= $740. Now for the year with Nextel I paid $900 per year and had a piece of junk phone that weighed at least 5 pounds. Obviously, going with Verizon was the best choice...also since my fiance had Verizon. I don't is your call. Honestly, the only important thing is that Gavin is okay!

angie said...

We've been really happy with Verizon as well. I'll put in that vote because then when Jen and I talk on the phone for an hour... it's free!