Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Cell Phone Update

Thanks for the info -- I've gotten some emails, some posts and some good hints and suggestions. It looks like the Deans will be switching to '06. The cheapest fix for now was to get a new contract for my phone, because I could get a great phone for $10...we'll wait until next fall, when Jennifer's contract runs out, so we'll only have to break the contract on one line (the same place we're at right now -- but hopefully we'll be in a better financial place then). By the way, props to the US Cellular folks on Pioneer Parkway who have been helpful and efficient. I'm not switching due to lack of costumer service, but becuase I think their product is weak compared to the 500-lb gorillas like Sprint, Nextel and Verizon.


Eric T. said...

who are you switching to? i don't think i've heard of "Vorizon." is that a new company? and are they trying to rip off "Verizon?"

ckd said...

no idea what you're talking about!'s the truth...i fixed my typo...i'm a moron!