Monday, October 03, 2005

Weekend in Review

What went good this weekend:
  • Broncos 20, Jaguars 7 -- great road win for the Broncs...up next, undefeated Washington and New England at home, NY Giants on the road and then the Eagles back at Mile High -- tough battles all. If we can get 3 of four we'll be in good shape, although all four would be nice!
  • Mom & Dad took the kids off our hands friday night. Dinner at Johnny's Italian Steakhouse (may I suggest the Steak Sinatra?) with my wife. Quiet. Nice conversation. No need to hurry.
  • Mom & Dad brought the kids back to us saturday evening and we had dinner on the back deck with soft lighting. Perfect.
  • Basement cleaned & organized. I've been throwing tools in a pile for some time now. Saturday I paid the piper!

What didn't go so well this weekend:

  • I've said it before...I hate cars! At one point on saturday afternoon both of our vehicles were down. Right I type this...we have NO vehicles. I'll admit, if I somehow came into money, one of the 1st things I'd do is buy more dependable vehicles. (yeah, yeah, I'd tithe and put the money to good use also...but the car thing is a big deal!)
  • Another baseball season ended...high hopes for the Cubs were again dashed this season. Maybe next year...
  • We missed church -- due to the aformentioned car problems, we couldn't get our act together to made Saturday night service and had already planned on some quality family time Sunday morning. I heard Tim did a great job though!

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