Thursday, October 06, 2005

Finding Me

I was talking to someone last night about Sunday's post. I was talking about the idea that there are times in my life where I need other people to speak truth into my life, to help me get through a rough spot. But there are other times, when I can do it alone -- where the path I'm on is a path that I've been on before. It doesn't make it less hard, just more familier and therefore doable. Here's some lyrics to a song that I heard several years ago, that still resonates through my head somedays. (It's from Vertical Horizon). I don't think you notice, When you see my face I guess you're waiting, To spin me around again. Wheels I guess are turning, Somewhere inside my head I know that this is, Deeper than you get But you're coming back again, You don't mean to waste my time, But you're coming back so Don't tell me, How to be, 'Cause I like some suffering Don't ask me, What I need, I'm just fine, Here find me. Take away the attitude, and I think most of us have been here before.

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