Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Following the Call

I was going through a pile of stuff in my office and came across and old Leadership issue from Fall 2003...anyway, this got my attention. It really flies in the face of what I've heard some people teach/say/etc. "[Leith] Anderson: I'm feeling the need to be more concrete in this whole area of serving and leading. I've tried to identify some rules to decide how to serve in particular situations. Here are three guidelines, there could be a lot more. 1. Serve the greater number rather than the greatest need. If you serve the 100 people or one person who seems to have a greater need, as a rule, you serve the greater number." (From Leadership, Fall 2003, p. 29) (the other two weren't worth the time and effort to type out -- this one could probably lead to some interesting discussion)

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divinevelocity said...

wow, kinda shoots the whole star trek iii: the search for spock in the foot.