Thursday, October 20, 2005

Finally Getting a New Guitar

So in the next half hour or so, I'll be ordering my new guitar. About a month ago mine got broken. Well, after haggling with three different insurance companies, and completely striking out, the church has offered to replace my guitar. So, now, instead of simply replacing, I'm making a slight upgrade (at my expense) and getting a Taylor 310ce. I was very skeptical of getting a Taylor, mostly because it seems like that's what everyone is getting these days, and also because some people are just so snobbish about it. Anyway, after looking seriously at a Larrivee, I settled on the Taylor ultimately due to the superior electronics that Taylor offers, even on their low end guitars. (You get the same electronics on the 300's as you do on the 900's.) I picked the 310ce because (1) it's in my price range, (2) it's a dreadnought and I wanted as big a body as I could afford and (3) with the Sitka Spruce top, it seems ideal for blokes like me who strum pretty hard. So anyhow, I'm sure there are very few people even reading this post still, but here's a pic (if you click on the picture, you can go to the Taylor homepage):

One last thought...if you're in the market and you know EXACTLY what you want, let me suggest THIS PLACE to you. They gave me a great deal, plus no sales tax! (I got the lead from Steve Wilmert, our music director, who bought his Taylor at this place in L.A., when he was there this summer.)

One last, last thought...if you want to see a truly ostentacious, over-the-top guitar that you can spend $100,000 on, check out this guitar from Martin.


ckd said...

UPDATE: On the phone right's in stock...should probably be here early next week!

Brandon said...

Congrats on the new member of your family!!! May she find a warm and loving home, that does not break her neck.

Alice Robbins said...

What a wonderful new guitar! I don't know if you remember me from SGC. I do miss your guitar playing! I am now parted from my guitar. . . sniff :(
You can check out where it is right now at my blog. It is waiting for me to join it.

Have a great time with your new baby!
Alice Robbins