Monday, October 24, 2005

Forecast: another boy.

Well, the Deans went to the doctor on Friday for Jennifer's sonogram and found out that we are having another boy. Many of you have asked. She's due around the 1st week of March. The baby looks healthy and good. I'd be lying if I didn't say we're not a little disappointed. We were really hoping for a girl. The hardest part was trying to answer Caleb's disappointment. He's been utterly convinced that he was going to have a little sister.


Chris said...

Congrats Charlie! Looks like you'll have a great linebacking core to intimidate people with. Also, it sounds like your geetar will be a beaut! Hope things are well!

JoyfulWife said...

we have 2 little boys and there are certainly benefits. They wrestle all day long and I don't worry so much about the little one (I think I would if he was a girl) and I'm confident he'll be easy to potty-train cause he'll want to be just like his brother. They play together so well, and besides, I didn't have to buy any girlie clothes. :) God bless.