Tuesday, September 27, 2005

News, Notes, and such

- I feel like I'm finally getting my head above water. Aug-Sept is a busy time here at Northwoods. It feels, as we head into October like the old, familiar rhythm. Today I sorted about 3 months work of junk accumulating on my desk. I feel better. - I haven't talked a lot of football this year, but the BRONCOS LOOKED GREAT LAST NIGHT! Check out my friend Dan's post. I'm so jealous. Last year Dan took me to a game...I may have to make a pilgrimage to Mile High part of my spiritual development plan! - I'm in fifth place out of 8 teams in my fantasy league, but I have more total points than anyone in the league (go figure!) [ hint for other fantasy owners: Drew Bledsoe was a great pickup, although by now I presume he's been picked up in most leagues! ] - Our neighbors across the street finally moved in this weekend, so now there are officially 8 boys under the age of six in our cul-de-sac and two girls. Cool. Go Chase Lane! - Went to a cool party Saturday night. Some people in our subdivision hosted the 3rd annual "Frankenfest" (their last name is Franken). They had a live band (Star 69), food, drink, bonfire, open house and about 300 people! It reminded me of THIS post. Jennifer and I had a good discussion as we stood around for awhile not knowing anyone about how people must feel visiting church.

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Dan Luebcke said...

Dude! Julie and I missed your presence at Mile High! It was epic! The tailgate was amazing! Colorado Koolaid all around! When The Rock came out it ROCKED!!!!!! Big game on the road this weekend at Jacksonville. Two great defenses. You are the man!