Thursday, September 29, 2005

CD: A Collision

"When our depravity meets His divinity it is a beautiful collision."
So says the jacket of the new David Crowder Band release. If you dig the contemporary Christian radio songs of David Crowder, maybe you should go buy an Avalon CD or something. If you dig DCB because they're not afraid to experiment and create, then you definately want all 21 tracks of this CD. There are some great songs here, and also some odd, ditties that are pretty cool too!
By the way...I LOVE the quotation above...isn't it great?

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Brandon said...

Hey Charlie,
I just downloaded the Cd (Legally from Itunes) and I think it is so awesome. I love that they experiemented... it is so different... and I saw that it actually was like #2 on Itunes download list this week! Go Dave