Monday, June 13, 2005

Sick Again, @%$&*#@

A friend said to me last night that in the year and a half that he's known me, it seems that I've always had a cough or something. He's probably right and I was wondering why it seems that I'm sick all the time...I've come up with the following theories because prior to the last couple years, I'm not ususally sick very often.
  • with building the house and stuff...I've been living at my extremes which always makes one more susceptible to every virus, but really theory #2 is the main culpret
  • 2 kids...age 2 and 4....pretty much, this is the main reason...almost every bug that's gone around this winter has been brought home by one of us and then in true, loving devotion to each other we've passed it around...sometimes twice...after talking to other parents of young children, this is pretty normal, I guess. But it still sucks!

So, this time it's a dry cough with mild congestion. ARGHHHHHHHH!

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