Thursday, June 16, 2005

Self Doubt

Ever have those days where self-doubt creeps in? Where you start to question everything. Did I say the right thing? Do I do the right thing? Do I have the right attitude? How do people perceive me? On most days, I think people perceive me as confident and self-assured, and there are lots of days that I feel that way about myself. And then, there are the days like this one, and I question everything and I feel small and very unsure. Just the way I feel. No big deal. "This too shall pass."


viclyn said...

I totally resonate with what you are saying! I think that what you say and do for Nexus and our small group are amazing. Your attitude spurs me on to think bigger for the Kingdom.

Anonymous said...

You and I are opposites on this one. I'm usually quite unsure, but every so often I get a day where I feel right on the money. It's nice to be able to draw on the memories of both to empathize with folks no matter which kind of day they're having. I just relate much easier to the kind of day you're having today :) - Katie