Sunday, March 06, 2005

Another Movie Review: Ray

It seems that you can go months without seeing a good movie and then, all-of-the-sudden, there's several that make you think... I stayed up late Friday night watching Ray. First thought -- Jamie Foxx deserved the Oscar last week (I'm sure the Academy is relieved to know that I've thrown my hat in the ring!). I was watching some of the "extras" on disc two and was impressed to learn that Jamie was blind during filming (due to a prosthesis he was wearing) up to 14 hours a day. He also really played the piano (he was a classical piano major in college) and sometimes worked on practicing the piano pieces for the movie until 4:30 am and then being on set at 6am for makeup! Second thought -- Ray Charles endorsed this film, and in fact helped choose Jamie Foxx for the role. If you've seen it, it's remarkable that it's a less-than-rosy picture of Ray Charles in his early years, with all the drug use, infidelities, etc. I think it's great that someone isn't interested in glossing-over their life and is honest about who they are/were. I guess I'm not as confident that many Christians I know have the capability or the willingness to be this honest about themselves.

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