Thursday, March 10, 2005

Beautiful, beautiful Love

I've been meaning to blog this all week, but I've been a little swamped. I had a conversation with Jennifer's Grandma last Saturday at Gavin's birthday party that was so touching that I thought I'd relay it here... Grandpa died about two years ago, rather suddenly. Now, they were as close as two people could be. They did everything together and after 50+ years of marriage they seemed to be more in love than ever. So I remarked to her over cake and ice-cream, that something about my younger son Gavin's posture reminded me a lot of Grandpa, and then she kind of teared up and said to me, "I've been dreaming about him a lot recently. We'll talk about everything for the longest time, and then, when I reach out to touch him he disappears, and I wake up...I just can't ever touch him." The depth of her loss - of her partner, best friend, and lover - really touched me. I hope that my sweetheart thinks the same of me 40 years from now, that if I were taken before her, she would feel that kind of loss. I bit "mushier" than usual...I'm such a "Renaissance Man!" (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

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