Saturday, March 05, 2005

2nd Birthday

Thursday was my son Gavin's birthday! He's now two (we celebrated by putting together his "big-boy bed" -- it cracks me up that at this stage in life, I use words like "big boy bed"!) I was sitting in the sauna on Thursday morning at the gym just doing a "movie montage" in my head, just thinking about how grateful I am that God has chosen to bless me with the wife and kids that he has!

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Katie said...

Happy Birthday, Gavin! Hey, C, you'll know the vocab. thing is bad when you tell other adults that you have to go "to the potty." BTW, this is so cool. I would never have the moxy to blog; I'd get too nervous - "what if no one responds?, what if no one reads it?, what if no one likes me?" Way too much stress. So, thanks for sharing with us, lovin' it.