Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Turth & Time

I was talking to someone at LifeBridge Sunday about some circumstances and he gave me this little proverb -- Truth and time walk hand in hand. (He quoted James McDonald as the source.) I think that oftentimes, when we come up against difficult circumstances we want to see justice done -- we want the truth told -- we want to vindicate ourselves and shout from the mountaintops that we're "not guilty," (or at least not as guilty as other parties are making us seem). However, even if we were to make every effort to communicate "our side of the story," no one would believe us anyway, because the truth is often hard to decipher in the midst of chaos, rumor, innuendo, gossip, etc. But this proverb reminds me of two things...1. truth win always win out, but 2. it may take some time. In time, truth will win.

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