Saturday, January 13, 2007

Most Innovative Church

Outreach magazine, in it's most recent issue named Lifechurch.TV as the most innovative church in America. Their criteria were the following: multi-site or video venue, formal civic partnerships, film/media production (for use outside of the church), availability of a podcast/vodcast, whether or not the church has a blog, attachment to church planting networks & whether they offer multilingual services/resources.

The cool thing about Lifechurch.TV is that by everything that I see, their goal is NOT to be innovative, but simply to reach as many people for Jesus as they can. If you'd like to see pastor Craig Groeschel's Vission 2007, click on the Lifechurch.TV button below. Here's his new blog, if you're interested.

Watch this message video at


JD said...

Great Video - Love the humility and passion to bring glory to God ... whatever it takes. What an incredible goal 50 churches in 5 years. That's God sized dreaming!!

mitchell said...

those are some of the most arbitrary criteria for being innovative. wouldn't being innovative mean that they do church in a way that is novel - not in a very specific pre-contrived formula?

ckd said...

Yeah...I didn't describe this very well.

Not all the churches were doing all of those things. However someone somewhere decided that those things are "innovative." (Let me just say that in the church world, those things are about as innovative as it gets!)

So, the answer is "yes" it is fairly arbritary, depending on one's definition of "innovative."

I just happen to agree -- for the most part -- with their definition, although there is some merit to what you're saying in terms of innovation being bigger than these catagories!