Saturday, January 06, 2007

And one more meal

Yesterday, I drove to Sullivan, Illinois (don't's a long ways away...but I did get to drive through Bethany, Illinois -- I thought of Goodman)...anyway.... I helped Ryan cook dinner for 40 people for his brother's rehearsal dinner. According to my estimates in one week (Dec. 30 - Jan 5), we spent more than 20 hours cooking together!! It's been fun, but I'm tired of cooking for people for a little while!! I don't mean to brag -- but we do good work together!!
ps -- It was worth the drive just to see his family a little bit again -- they're good people!


Screwtape said...

I like Sullivan. It has a small theater there that my Grandma use to get season tickets and went along with a bunch of retired teachers and I was the driver since well . . . retired. You mentioned rehearsal, so I'm guessing its for that theater.

ckd said...

I'm sorry -- rehearsal for the wedding -- but I have heard about the theater in Sullivan -- my wife has been there