Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Multicultural Ministry

For obvious reasons I'm reading this book -- Multicultural Ministry by David A. Anderson. It's inspiring and challenging. Here are a couple of quotations that have been rattling around my head the last couple of days: "I wonder how many of us feel this way when relating across racial lines. From the sidelines we admire the sight of racial unity, but we stumble when we can't get our groove to work. So we obsesrve, but we fail when we try to participate. Granted, race relations can be quite confusing at times. We're not sure whether to say black or African-American, Hispanic or Latino, Oriental or Asian, Anglo or white." "My prayer is that the church, whether Anglo, African, or Afghan, would refuse to be color-blind. Why would we ever want to dull a sense that we've been given by our creator? We don't need color-blind stages, staffs, and structures. We need churches who know how to see beauty and celebrate diversity."

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Hollyannewilliams said...

Sounds good, I think I'll read it. I'm not sure what the dynamics of the church you're working with are, but I read Framework for Understanding Poverty by Ruby K Payne, PhD. and it clarified for me a lot of issues that I had been associating with racial differences, that are actually issues of socio-economic status. It's a good book too.