Thursday, December 14, 2006

Life in Peoria

For those of you that don't live here, this is what it's like to live in this barbarian wilderness that we know and love and call central Illinois...
A good 3 years after the rage...we got a Krispy Kreme. (They actually started building it 2 years ago, but then Mr. Atkins destroyed Krispy Kreme's stock price and things got held up -- so it finally opened at 6am this morning.)
Of course lines are out the door this morning and on principal I refuse to stand in line for a donut! I did promise Caleb that we would go sometime over Christmas break though!


angie said...

Ours recently closed down. Ryan was very sad. We heard that it was bad management (aparently they are all independently owned). But we couldn't figure out why it wouldn't stay in business when we would drive nearly 25 minutes just to get donuts! :)

ENJOY. Tell Tim I said to stay away. He's got a major weakness. :)

Megan D. Crow said...

we had one in appleton too, and it closed down. maybe it was a bad location, or bad management like angie said...but there aren't very many other donut places either - just gas stations - considering wisconsinites eat so much it's surprising donuts don't sell!