Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wasting Time

I love wasting time. Now, I've sat through sermons before, where preachers chastise us for wasting time, but let me explain. My favorite thing to do with my boys: wasting time...wrestling...hiding under the covers...playing games...nothing planned. I think that this is what relationships are made of -- wasting time with each other (nobody wants to be friends with the "let's structure our hang out time" guy!) As I was reading Yancey's book on prayer the other day, I was challenged that I rarely waste time with God. I always have an agenda...a structure...a plan for how I will spend my 15 minutes, 43 seconds with God today. Maybe God doesn't want my stupid structure all the time, my endless lists of "I wants," my "ACTS" prayer plan, my "Jabez" formulaic prayers...maybe, sometimes, God wants me to just waste some time with him -- to let my mind wander and take him wherever it goes, to not hurry, to not beat myself up if I don't get through the list... Just maybe God wants me to waste some time with him today.

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Beth B said...

i went to the National Youth Workers Conference this past weekend and i actually took the opportunity to "waste some time" with God. I didn't think of it in those terms but same general thought. It was awesome!! I highly recommend it. Good points Charlie.