Saturday, November 25, 2006's a post

Sorry I've been a bit dilinquent with posts. Here's 5 excuses for not blogging 1. lazy -- not physically lazy (it's not that hard to type), but mentally lazy -- I haven't wanted to think about it. 2. other stuff -- at home I've been reading a good book, and being addicted to a computer game after the boys are in bed, and at work I've just been busy 3. stymied -- by the whole "blogging thing." So much of the communication that I do is persuasion-based, trying to convince/motivate/challenge people to change. Blogging isn't really's just throwing another opinion into the mix...I'm a little tired of opinions...including my own. (I want to write a whole lot more about this, which leads to excuse number 4 4. length -- the stuff that I've wanted to post about would lead to long posts, which I don't read, unless the 1st paragraph is extremely compelling, so I hesitate to write them 5. ennui -- look it up bonus reason -- it's easy to substitute "blog relationships" with real relationships...I'd much rather chat over a cup of coffee (hint, hint!)


Anonymous said...

interesting...does the computer game have anything to do with hunting deer, lions, or pigs?

Brandon said...
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Brandon said...

Ok, so I would love to meet over a cup of coffee... wanna meet in Rockford?

I am only half kidding!