Monday, October 16, 2006

AZ, day Two

This morning went to the Sanoran Desert Museum just outside of Tucson. It's a really cool place. It was relaxing to just amble along, drinking a latte, checking out indigenous plant and wild life. I had actually been to this place with my family in high school, but this was really fun. People think that deserts are devoid of life, but particularly in Arizona, God's creation never fails to awe, inspire and cause my soul to sing out, "God is so great!" This afternoon was an adventure. Ryan and I planned on going biking up in the Rincon Mountain range to a place called Chiva Falls. However, it required several miles of gravel switchbacks to get to the trailhead. The road was all washboarded, and it rattled Ryan's muffler right off his '96 Grand Cherokee, leaving the Catalystic Converter hanging. We didn't have anything to "MacGyver" it, so we had to turn around. We ended up going back to Fantasy Island, where we biked yesterday, and had a blast. Tonight, Ryan and Angie found a sitter and so the four us went to Nogales, and had authentic Mexican was great!! (I sure wish that there was a great Mexican restaurant in Peoria...this place had the best refried beans that I've ever eaten -- if I didn't think it would destroy my insides, I could have just eaten the beans -- they were worth the trip!!)

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Anonymous said...

I'm totally jealous! At least both of your pedals stayed on.

Hope you are taking lots of pictures.