Thursday, August 10, 2006

Summit '06: Session Two: Meeks

The featured speaker in session two is James Meeks. Meeks is the pastor of Salem Baptist Church in Chicago, one of the fastest growing churches in America, he's an Illinois State Senator, and serves on numerous boards. His title for this session is "Enemies of a Growing Church." "I believe if we're going to strike a blow at the racial division that exists in our world, it will have to start with the body of Christ." Text: Matthew 13:24 Everything that's planted in the kingdom of God is supposed to grow. But there is an enemy of the kingdom that desires to stop growth in the kingdom. Enemies of Church Growth: 1. Lack of Faith 2. Lack of Knowledge 3. Failure to realize that God is no respecter of persons 4. Growth is always the goal of a New Testament church "People will drive a long ways to attend a church with big ideas." "Healthy things grow. 5. An unsure pastor. 6. Failure to build on small victories. When a church gets used to victories, it will start saying like Sarah, 'is nothing too big for God?" 7. Failure to preach the annoncements. After the sermon, you give the invitation to involvement. 8. Lack of Corporate Fasting and Prayer. Some things only come by fasting and praying 9. Getting Started 10. Motive We've had some technical difficulties this session...there's a lot of thunderstorms in the Midwest that are messing with the Satellite signal...we've had a good stream though.

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