Thursday, August 10, 2006

Summit '06: Session One: Hybels

Of course the kick-off session this year is Bill Hybels, Senior Pastor of Willowcreek Community Church. His session is called "Life Cycle of a Leader." Every product has a life cycle (he gives ample illustrations), and Hybels is teaching that he believes leaders also have a life cycle of effectiveness/influence. What should a Christian leaders' life cycle look like? STAGES OF CHRISITAN LEADERSHIP: Young Leaders: You really don't have a lot of wisdom to contribute...but Hybels, talks about how in his 20's he heard a heart that burned white-hot for God. Challenge to a young leader: People are asking "Are you building something that will last? Are you just using me to build to your vision, or are we really brothers?" Goal in your 20's: BUILD SKILL! -- read everything that you can about leadership, go where leadership is taught, get around leaders who are better than you and ask questions, & lead something. Leadership Development: You begin developing other people -- raising other people up to positions of leadership. The way to really crank in this area of leadership, is when you can create a "constellation of colleagues," where the leader is not afraid to share power. Grid for figuring out the constellation of colleagues: Intelligence, Energetic people who energize others, Relational Intelligence, and a "win or die spirit" (people who will do whatever it takes to succeed). Global/Denomination/City-Wide Influence -- something one doesn't aspire to, but something that God does with a person. (Billy Graham didn't set out to influence presidents!) "There is no mistake that you are here. Leadership matters, and we are living at a desperate time in history, where leaders of all people on planet earth have to step it up, and you can friends, you can." BREAK TIME! ps. bill went the WHOLE session without crying!


Anonymous said...

Good stuff.

Come on Charie, you're lagging behind. Where are the other sessions?!!

ckd said...

with the technical difficulties, it took me a little while to get the session two post up