Friday, August 11, 2006

Summit '06: Session Six: Bono

Okay...Session six. I've really been looking forward to this session since I first saw the Leadership Summit lineup about 6 months ago. I don't expect to take a lot of notes, but I can't wait to see Bono interacting with Bill Hybels. It should be fun! Bono isn't onsite, but they're calling this a "videocast," which I think mean, "we did this by video in advance, because we're a little bit afraid he might swear onstage at Willow." BONO GOT HIS HAIR CHOPPED!!! (but he's still got the glasses on!) Highlights:
  • The poor are respresented in the capitals of the world, but they're at the bottom of the food chain of importance. He wants the poor to be at the front of the line.
  • "I never had a problem with Christ, but Christians were difficult to me...they seem strange to me, and I know that I seem strange to them...they tend to judge people by surface problems...whereas things like corporate are never mentioned."
  • "I've always thought smack in the middle of a tension is a good place to be." (Bill asked how he balanced his love of God, by indifference to the church.)
  • "A lot of gospel music for me is lies, because it's people pretending that life is great...I'm more into the blues..."
  • Celebrity totally upends God's values...why would a rock star or an athlete be more important than a pregnant mother? However, it gives me currency. "I'm no Mother Theresa, I'm a rock star, living the life, but I have a head for the poor."
  • Hybels: Why is the church so late to help in Africa? Bono: "The church has historically been behind the curve...I think it's because the church is afraid of politics and I understand because all kinds of people have tried to use the church...but we're not about politics...that's what the ONE campaign is all about. The second reason is maybe a little less palatable, especially about AIDS...but the church has a moral stance that prevents them from helping...but it's not acceptable."
  • "The command to love our neighbor in the Scriptures is not advice, it's a command...In the global world you cannot say, it's their problem over there."
  • Stupid poverty = lack of food in a kid's belly
  • "Your charity is important but your commitment to justice is what we really'll be marching with a lot of colorful people, but just chill out."

Okay, this session was WAY better than I anticipated! This was AWESOME!!

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Beth B said...

I am SO sad i missed this!! thanks for the notes and thoughts!