Friday, August 11, 2006

Summit '06: Session Seven: Lencioni

The final session of today features Patrick Lencioni. I think I've said here before that I'm a Lencioni disciple. What I don't think I've talked about is that several months ago, we were contacted by the WCA and asked to one of three churches that would work with Lencioni in anticipation of today's session. The fruit of that, besides several conference calls with Patrick Lencioni where he personally interacted with our team, was that today, during session seven, my senior pastor, Cal Rychener, will be sitting on the stage at Willow Creek with a couple other senior pastors and Patrick Lencioni talking about how we've utilized the concepts that Lencioni laid out in his book Silos, Politics & Turf Wars. I'm probably not going to take a lot of notes. As an avid disciple, I've read his books, and have heard him speak several times. His books are pretty simple to read, but the ideas are pretty significant. Why do organizations fail? 1. Interpersonal Issues (5 dysfunctions of a team) 2. Structural Issues -- turning colleagues into competitors (Silos) So okay...just got my picture shown to 65,000 pastors nationwide...little scary. (I'm part of the team that worked on this stuff with Lencioni).

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Brandon said...

You SUCK! I can deal with you getting to go to the summit... but it is totally unacceptable that you get to work with Lencioni and I do not. He is my leadership hero... I saw five dysfunctions of a team in an airport and bought it before anyone Christian was talking about him... I then have read every book that he has written as soon as it comes out... I am definitely a disciple... Even though now it is becoming popular to be so...