Thursday, July 27, 2006

Man, do I feel lame!

First, I had a pretty full day (it was a good day, but full). Oil change @ 8am In the office by 8:45 Premarital Counseling @ 11:00-12:15 Lunch with JR @ 12:30-2 Counseling appt. @ 4:00-5:15 Swimming Lessons (the boys, not mine) @ 6:00 New Community @ 6:45 In the middle of all that, returning phone calls, emails, cleaning up my office, etc. So New Community got over and a bunch of Nexurs were going to Chili's afterward. I wanted to go so badly. And then Steve Wilmert and the guys from the worship team were going to a movie and asked me to go along, and I really wanted to go. But I went home. I had seen my wife for 1/2 hour at swim lessons (you follow Caleb, I got Gavin, and I'll take Jaxon for now) and the only time I saw my kids was at swim lessons. So I went home, and tucked my boys into bed, and told them that I was proud of them at swim lessons. And I tickled Jaxon for a little bit and talked to him (mostly coooing noises), and then watched a movie with my wife. I'm such a socialite, that it's hard to go home sometimes -- I hate missing out on the fun, but I also miss my family when many days I leave the house before seven, when no one is up, and sometimes don't come home until after five.


A.J. said...

Dude, I can totally relate...except the part about being social. If you have friends at work, does it count as a social activity if you work overtime?

ckd said...

Been there bro!
There are times that I'm a little bummed that vacation is coming because I'm going to miss a critical meeting or something!

alyssa said...

I just want to tell you that I'm glad you went home to be with the family! Wise choice! :)