Sunday, July 23, 2006

It flew overhead

Yesterday, I was headed into the church about 12:30, and one of these flew over my head. It was cool. Seriously, it looked like a UFO. I forgot that there's an air show in Peoria this weekend, so I was quite baffled for a couple minutes. So today, I'm going to take my boys and go watch the air show. I think we're just going to park on one of the country roads around the airport rather than pay $12 to get in and then get gouged by the food vendors.


angie said...

Sometimes I think I am seriously going to die in a car accident because I am so busy staring at the plans zooming by around me. We live just a few miles from the Davis-Montham air force base so it's kind of fun. The only issue I have with it is that it makes driving difficult sometimes becuase it is in the middle of town and you have to drive around it. It made it somewhat hard to learn the area.

Anonymous said...


I too have seen a stealth bomber. It flew over one of the Bronco playoff games in the last couple of years. It was amazing how slow and smooth it can't really hear it until it's right over you. I bet the boys had a GREAT time at the airshow. That's one of the things I know Dan will want to do too!


JGanschow said...

Bri and I were watching the bison at Wildlife Prairie Park at 1pm on saturday it flew over us, LOW. It came out of no where and was completely silent until it was passed! Freaky! and awesome.