Sunday, June 04, 2006

Ryan & Molly's Wedding

Yesterday I got to perform the wedding of my good friends Ryan & Molly Hite. It was a blast. All the guys in our small group were somehow involved and that makes it all so much fun. It was a nice ceremony (I didn't screw up anything too much), and a great party afterwards. Right now Ryan & Molly are on a plane flying to Jamaica. Best wishes guys!


angie said...

What a beautiful couple! Thanks for posting the picture. It hurts my heart that we couldn't be there yesterday. I found myself in tears this morning at church during worship because I miss my friends and my "home" so much. Of course, who knows how much of my emotion comes from the fact that I am 37 weeks pregnant and it is 106 degrees out today (and tomorrow and the next day...).

Leslie Anne said...

It makes me smile to know that the wait is finally over!!! I'm so happy for these two!!!!

Mark Hite said...


You did an awesome job. It made it even more meaningful because of your relationship with Ryan, Molly, and your small group. We have had several people tell us that it was the most heartfelt marriage ceremony that they have ever been to. Thank you for making it so personal. You and your family are great to be around.

I would also like to thank your small group for their friendship and hospitality.