Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thoughts on Likeability

Tell me what you think: This is a quotation from a book I'm reading (I'll reveal the source later in a comment after some discussion) "...the choices you make don't shape your life as much as the choices other people make about you."


Josh R said...

I would pretty strongly disagree. We can choose to allow other folks to define us, but that is still our choice.

We are called to live according to our faith in spite of what our enemies may say or do.

Many of us fail in this area, and therefore the quote is probably true, but it doesn't have to be.

Chris said...

The goal is to not live life like this.

That being said, it may be unfortunately true. We live and work in a world where politics lie beneath the surface (some above the surface) of every corporation, church, and organization there is.

I'm not saying we have to give into this theory, but I think most people can say that politics have played a role in whether or not they have "gotten" a job or not gotten a job at some point in their life.

JGanschow said...

I hope and pray that the choices WE make will help others make correct and true opinions about us, and that the choices we are making reflect Christ-followers in a positive way. That being said, yes, i agree that this statement is true.

ckd said...

DING, DING, DING. We have a winner! Justin nailed it!

Here's a little bit more of the passage that this comes from...

"Much of your life is spent trying to get other people to pick you, whether for a job, a relationship, or a friendship, or to win a contest."

He (Tim Sanders) goes on to say that there is much that we can do to influence those decisions.

But it was a reminder to me, that at the end of the day, when I've done everything in my power -- my success -- or my failure -- is in God's hands.

By the way, the quote is from the book The Likability Factor by Tim Sanders, where he suggests that likable people generally do better in life and then in the second half of the book goes on to suggest ways to up your "l-factor."