Thursday, May 18, 2006

"Aloneness" vs Loneliness

At New Community, Cal, Tim & I have been teaching through a series inspired by the book Sacred Pathways. Last night, Cal talked about Asceticism (loving God in solitude & simplicity). Today, I was looking over the chapter that he spoke on last night and I came across this quotation: "Most of our solitude is forced, not chosen, creating loneliness rather than spiritual intimacy with the Father, and our culture is anything but morally strict." I think what Gary Thomas is saying here is huge. I've said many times that I believe one of the biggest challenges facing twentysomethings is the issue of loneliness. But according to Thomas, we can defeat loneliness by choosing to be alone. Often, the attitude towards being alone is resignation, not anticipation -- although that will change someday when you have three kids -- you LONG for some "alone time."

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Laura B said...

Hey Charlie. I know I have been plugging Henri like mad this year, but Henri Nouwen's "Reaching Out" has an awesome chapter about loneliness vs. solitude. It was beautiful and prepared me for this year a lot.

P.s. Thanks for the cd's. You speak my language...not just English, which in itself was a beautiful thing!