Tuesday, May 09, 2006


In the last 20 hours I've been close to situations that have just hurt my heart so much. People are just so broken -- and there's hope, but they don't even know where to find it, or if they know where, they refuse to do what it takes to get better. I'm feeling a deep melancholy.


Eric T. said...

and infinate sadness?

JGanschow said...

Charlie, I don't know the details of what's going on, but don't loose HOPE. So many lives are being changed. I know first hand how it feels to yearn for someone to see things as Jesus means for them to-and to be rejected. All we can do is try to open the doors of possibility. God will do the rest! YOU are making a difference!

mitchell said...

nothing like a good smashing pumpkins reference.

Mindy K said...

Charlie, You may never know how you have affected those that you have talked to but you have helped them. Do not give up hope!

I am coming from one of those who was terribly hurting. It took me a little while to believe and understand what needed to be done to heal from my brokenness...but PRAISE GOD that He had patience and love for me and put people in my life with the same.

God has healed so much of me and continues to do so.

I want to encourage you to not lose hope and love and patience for those people...and remember that God is the only one that can do the changing in people...you just need to let Him shine through you...of which I know you are doing!

God bless you and your ministry!

Beth B. said...

I wholeheartedly believe that when we have these times of heartache for others so deeply it is just adding fuel to the fire for ministries. i went through one of those times this past weekend. spending a lot of time in prayer for the students i serve and the other leaders i serve with; i had a very heavy spirit and was feeling that deep melancholy all weekend. i am coming to realize it is that very same heartache that keeps me going in the ministry.
keep that hope alive! you are awesome and have been an encouragement to me in some really difficult times the past few years. thanks for all you do!!!

Courtney C said...

Charlie, in one way or another, I think these painful incidences force people to encounter God in a new way. Be encouraged that you are helping them down that path! People have to experience that conflict in their lives before they are willing to accept a resolution. Some are just require more conflict than others before they can make a change!

It may seem like you are not seeing the difference that you are making, but know that it is there. I think we all thrive on the times when we see the impact we have made on others, but often our impact is greater even than what we see. Take comfort in the change that you can see and have faith that God is working in what you cannot. You are loved! Keep your chin up!

R. Benton said...


I cannot speak for yourself or anyone else...I can speak for myself...You are and the lord above are hand and hand saving me from the confusion that surronds this broken down soul that types right now...the lord lead me to your group to seek guidance...whatever does have u down just know that you do have the tools inside you to fix it and as i am learning right now...do not be afraid to go up to someone and just open your arms and your heart and say you got 5 minutes to talk to me.....now is where i can speak for everyone that has posted a comment or sits inside with you on Saturday nights...we are here to talk to

averagedrinker said...

i hate it when things like these happen. it's like you have no complete grip of things that can happen.i can't just say no. but the ironic things is through these heartaches, we learn things that helps us become better individuals.no matter how many times i get a heartache from men who fool me, i can't give up in finding a potential guy on webdate.