Monday, March 20, 2006

A "Tired" Cliche

"I'm just plain tired." I say that a lot these days. I don't like saying it. I think people use tiredness as a way of deflecting questions like "how are you." It's a way to so politely say, "don't bother, I really don't want to tell you what's really going on." But right now, with Jaxon wanting to eat every 3 to 3 and a half hours, it's true of me. So if you ask and I respond that I'm tired, it's the truth. I'm not avoiding you. I'm just tired. (Saturday, I took two seperate naps -- one in the morning, one in the afternoon.) A couple months ago in Books and Culture, Lauren Winner wrote an article titled "Sleep Therapy." Here's a quote: "Sleep more: this may seem a curious answer to the question of what Christians can do for the common good. Surely one could come up with something more other-directed, more sacrificial, less self-serving. Or more overtly political -- refusing to serve in the current war. or more communitarian, making a commitment to stree and neighborhood that overrides new job offers...but for the moment I am sticking with the small, if challenging, task of becoming better rested. Not only does sleep have evident social consequences , not only would sleeping make us better neighbors and friends and family members and citizens. Sleeping well may also be part of Chrisitian discipleship, at least in our time and place." I know that this is big for me -- the alertness of my soul -- to live in every moment -- to walk in step with the Spirit -- depends on restedness. I can't wait to sleep again.

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